Why Join Us

There are so many reasons why you should join AKAS LEgacy Sdn Bhd (ELISS Products). Let's go through one by one. 

  • High commission. We give one of the best commissions in the market. We always believe in the more we give, the more we will receive. This is why many of our resellers are partnering with us fulltime.
  • We are established. We have full time staff to serve all our Resellers.
  • We are experts. We know dropship (agen) / distributor / stockist and how it works very well. From registration to reseller pricing to shipping addresses. We follow the latest dropship strategies so you know you will always be protected with us.
  • We guide. Need help? Just ask us! We will guide you step by step on how to buy, promote and sell our products.
  • We ship out orders 5 working days per week. All orders before 2pm will be shipped out by the end of the day so your customers do not have to wait for their purchases.
  • We are automated. We use the most advanced Dropship/Wholeseller system to track and manage our resellers. When we shipped, the courier tracking ID will be sent out to you and your customers as well. You and your customers can monitor the purchase from start to finish.

With so much benefits waiting for you, you can never go wrong joining our Reseller Team. 

What Do You Get

As soon as we approve your application, we will add you in Eliss Family Facebook. You will access to all the information such as:

  • Products Info
  • Products Testimonial
  • Products photo  
  • Products FAQ. This will give you an overview on all our products and how to sell them.
  • ELISS Family circle. Positive busibess networking
Steps To Joins

1) Click on Be Our Reseller button.
2) Make sure you read our terms and conditions.
3) Fill in Reseller Registration form.
4) We will process and approve your application.
5) If approved, you will receive an email with more details. Happy Selling!

Reseller FAQs
  • Are there any fees to join?
    Answer: YES.
    Dropship : FREE
    Agen : RM250
    Distributor : RM3,000
    Stockist : RM10,000
  • Are Resellers allowed to sell ELISS's products at any price they want?
    Answer: No. All resellers must follow HQ price guidelines
  • What is your best selling product?
    Answer: Leptos & Qufast, and also ETC
  • How many Resellers do ELISS have now?
    Answer: 1543 resellers as at 1 Mac 2017 from Malaysia, Brunei & Singapore
  • Where do I get all the photos and products information?
    Answer: From ELISS Family Facebook
  • What happens if I am not active for 3 months?
    Answer: All membershipi valid lifetime
  • If I have more questions, who should I contact?
    Answer: Admin. 0176577881
Reseller Terms & Conditions


  • The Reseller Contract shall come into effect upon acceptance into the Reseller team of AKAS Legacy Sdn Bhd.
  • The Contract shall remain active as long as you are in our Reseller Team. - The Contract is terminated immediately upon removal of your name from our Reseller team.


  • You agree to provide true and accurate personal and/or company details.
  • If any information provided in your profile is found to be false, fraudulent or deliberately misleading we reserve the right to remove you from our Reseller team.
  • You agree that your business is trading legally and that you have the appropriate rights and authority sell online.


  • You agree that we are the owner of this website and own or license all its content.
  • You agree not to replicate, reproduce, distribute, sell or use the content of this site for any other commercial purpose outside the parameters of these terms and conditions unless expressly agreed by us in writing.


  • Whilst we endeavour to ensure that the content of this site is genuine and accurate we shall not be liable for any inaccuracies or misrepresentations whether made by us or a third party.
  • We shall not be liable in any way for any consequential loss as a result of the website being unavailable or malfunctioning.
  • We shall not be liable in any way for any missing products/products damages as soon as it leaves our premises.


  • You are allowed to mark up the price of ELISS's products but not sell below than th eprices stated by HQ.
  • If you would like do a special discount (example: Birthday discount) on your site, prior notification and AKAS Legacy Sdn Bhd's approval are both required.
  • You are not allowed to modify our products in any way, shape and form. Our products are to be sold as-is.
  • You are not allowed to rename our products and sell it under a different name and/or brand.
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